Public Toilets – Waller St

Mens and Women’s Public Toilets, situated on Waller St, next to the War Memorial. These are on the right as you leave Murchison heading towards Nelson, and on the left as you enter Murchison coming from Nelson.

River Haven Lodge

All inclusive luxury fishing lodge.  World class team of fly fishing guides available. Owners and hosts: Leya and Scott ‘The Trout’ Murray

Natural Flames

We will take you on a half day trip.  Starting with a 4WD journey and a bush walk to the amazing Natural Flames, where you can enjoy pancakes and billy tea in a beautiful beech forest setting. Depending on the weather and availability, the walks can start morning or afternoon, and need to be booked […]

The Old Ghost Road

85 km of Mountain Biking heaven, from the Lyell to the West Coast

Six Mile Walkway

About 10km south of Murchison from the main crossroads, an old hydro-electricity generating plant still sits in it’s original location and building.  A pleasant walk leads up a short, sharp hill and then a flat walk leads a few Km through the bush following the leat that supplied the water for the power station, and […]